Grand Piano String Covers








Protect your Grand Piano by ordering one today!

Internet orders are welcome. We have most piano patterns on hand. 

String Covers start at $419 MSRP for grands under 6’ in length.

Covers can be drop shipped directly to you usually within 3-4 weeks.

Protect Your Investment!

Dawson Piano String Covers are beautifully made in the USA from the highest quality hand selected 100% woven wool custom dyed to complement piano finishes with surged edges and a decorative trim stitch that is embroidered around the entire edge. The design and regard for the look and fit is one of Dawson String Covers highest priorities. All wool is thick enough to repel dust and moisture and yet thin enough to allow the beautiful sound of your piano to sing unhindered.

Every cover is hand cut from a custom pattern of your piano. It fits inside of your grand piano, completely covering the strings, soundboard and tuning pins and plate. Supported by battens enclosed in a wool sleeve and permanently affixed to the cover at a strategic point to prevent the cover from touching the strings. It should be left in at all times but can be easily removed for special occasions.

Here’s are a few reasons why you should use a String Cover in your piano...

  1. 1.All the dust and debris stays on top and it takes just a minute to shake it off outside or vacuum. Greatly reduces rust, keeps moisture in the air from corroding the strings and tuning pins. It's a real pleasure to see strings, tuning pins, plate and sound board that look new after many years. Really protects your investment and will improve the resale value.

  2. 2.Foreign objects (pencils, erasers, paper clips etc.) that accidentally fall into the action of the piano, possibly causing certain notes to not work, and requiring a service call by your piano technician to remedy. Similarly objects that fall onto the soundboard, sometimes hidden from view and hard to find, can cause extraneous buzzing sounds. Using a String Cover will keep debris out of your piano.

  3. 3.Accidental spillage of liquids can cause major problems to the action, tuning pins, strings etc. Although the cover is not water-proof, any spills if removed quickly will not penetrate into the piano. Greatly reducing the chances of severe damage.

  1. 4.Improves tuning stability! Especially when used in conjunction with a Piano Life Saver® climate control system.

  2. 5.Easy to install and remove.         

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